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Welcome to my travelogues – step out to the great big world!

Years of travel, learning, writing, photography and travel planning have led me to assemble this website.    Click on the Travelogues tab on the right to see an excerpt from each entry;  click the title to read the entire entry.

When I travel, I find joy in the most unexpected places and occassions…the general store in South Dakota that sells U-Bet Brooklyn syrup, the charming tour guide at a dilapidated blues legend home in Memphis, accidentally stumbling upon a farmer’s market in Vancouver.

On the other hand, there also famous (expected) sites that robbed air from my lungs and motion from my feet.  Moments of staggering clarity, bringing instant tears to my eyes and tachycardia to my chest, goosebumps to my arms and legs….  Exiting an elevator in the Prado and coming face to face with Velasquez’ Las Meninas;  squinting at the shine from the Death Mask of Agamemnon in the National Museum Athens; feeling my 17 year old mind explode with fantasy and the power of language when hovering over the Rosetta Stone.

These travelogues tell of my past adventures, as well as ones I have planned.  Follow me @LocallyFun  where I tweet fun LOCAL things to do or @PassportReady for overseas inspiration.

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